AVEP Missions and Ministry


Background information

The Action Vijana Empowerment program was birthed through Action Faith Movement Mission activities.

Action Faith Generation (AFGYM) is an interdenominational Youth Movement based on National and international soul winning campaigns. The movement started out of a vision given by God to the founder of AFG (Sister Grace Nyaga) in 2007.


On Sunday 8th April 2007 at Redeemed Gospel Church Pumwani Nairobi County, Sister Grace Nyaga shared her vision to evangelize to the young people all over the world with Senior Pastor (Pastor Gideon Kayanja) Elders and Members of Jesus Praise Centre (RGC) Pumwani.They embraced the Vision and hence the movement was launched amidst celebration and the brethrens committed to supporting the movement’s activities.


Since then, the movement has got support from the churches in and outside Kenya, corporate institutions, and faith based organization. For over 8years the movement has been in existence, it has made tremendous achievements in churches, in the country, and Gods Kingdom. There has been a notable transformation in the lives of young people spiritually, socially and economically. Thousand of souls have come to Christ including those of different religions. The period has also seen the movement expand nationally and internationally. Several Branches have been established in Various counties in the country including Thika,Embu,Mombasa,Kitale and in Nairobi, we have Kasarani and Mwiki chapter.Internationally we have a branch in Kampala-Uganda and Kigali Rwanda.We also have partners in Tanzania,Congo,Iraq,Usa,Japan, and Uk.

With an objective to enable the movement to achieve its spiritual and financial obligations to empower the youths wholistically, Action Vijana Empowerment Plan (AVEP KENYA) was launched within the movement in January 2012 at Memorial Bomb Blast Park Nairobi. Through this plan much has been achieved Avep Kenya has opened Youth information centres within the AFG branches to give the youth and the community relevant and up to date information including – training opportunities, seminars, missions, conferences employment, exhibitions, Educative tours, exchange programs, market for produce, funding programs like Uwezo fund, Youth fund, etc.

Projects of AFG movement

  1. Action Vijana Empowerment Plan Kenya  (AVEP-CBO)
  2. AVEP Sports Club
  3. Action Vijana Youth Group
  4. Action Night Vigils – Kesha
  5. AVEP Kenya Enterprises
  6. AVEP Murata Youth Group Embu

Branches of AFG Movement

  1. Mombasa
  2. Thika
  3. Embu
  4. Kitale
  5. Nairobi – Kasarani Chapter, Mwiki Chapter, Pumwani Chapter
  6. Kampala, Uganda
  7. Kigali, Rwanda

Summary of the most important points


Know the will of God, do it and teach and encourage the youths to do the same


Reach all the youths in the world with faith actions and sound doctrine to win them into Jesus Christ’ Kingdom.


Faith in action is power


  1. To realize and uplift youth talents, visions, and gifts by giving them a chance to participate in the movement’s activities.
  2. To empower youth spiritually, economically, socially and professionally by giving them advice and support through principled born again servants of God and Action Vijana Empowerment Plan Kenya.
  3. To raise charismatic leaders in the society and God’s Kingdom through seminars, workshops and youth leaders’ forums.
  4. To offer training on leadership development to help the youth to be more focused, different and to have faith and trust in God for a better future.
  5. To award youth, artists and partners who have participated in soul winning campaigns as role models in sound doctrine.

Core values

  1. Purity – members of the movement shall walk free from any corruption or blemish. They shall free themselves of evil and be unsullied by sin.
  2. Sound doctrine – members shall uphold sound doctrine at all times. The true gospel of Jesus Christ shall guide the movement in all its endeavors. Members shall refrain from any doctrines and traditions of men.
  3. Integrity – moral soundness shall be upheld at all the movement’s operations. All members shall observe uprightness of character in all situations.
  4. Faithfulness – members shall be faithful to God, completely trust in His goodness in all situations.
  5. Discipline – members conduct shall be above reproach shall follow all set guidelines.
  6. Commitment – members shall be committed to the vision and mission of the movement. They shall support and participate actively in all activities of the movement. They shall prioritize service to God before any other thing in their lives.
  7. Empowerment – the movement shall endeavor to empower members holistically so that they can achieve their fullest potential in Christ.
  8. Fruitfulness – fruitfulness shall be the endeavor of every member of the movement, so Christ can be formed in every person.
  9. Courage – members shall be bold in contending for the faith. They shall at all times be ready to defend their faith.
  10. Teachability – members shall be ready to receive instruction, rebuke, and correction based on the word of God.
  11. Appreciation – gratefulness shall characterize the operations of the movement. Anything that is done for the Kingdom and the movement shall never go unappreciated.
  12. Spiritual maturity – members shall aspire for spiritual maturity; they shall be keen in studying the word, prayer and walk in the Holy Spirit and teach others towards spiritual growth.