Joel Wainaina Karanja - Administration and Human Resources Officer AVEP

Joel Wainaina Karanja

Administration and Human Resources Officer

Action Vijana Empowerment Plan (AVEP) Kenya



  • Participate in orientation of new staff with respect to Administration and HR policies and procedures, including supporting new staff to understand remuneration, benefits and other organizational processes.
  • Ensure that a job planning and performance management system is established and implemented as well as provide coaching and training to direct supervisors as necessary in all aspects of the HR function, including salary and benefits administration, recruitment and hiring processes.
  • Ascertain that job description are developed for new positions and reviewed/revised for ongoing positions as required and ensure that the organizational chart and staff’s contact information including staff’s personal profiles are updated on a regular basis, i.e., monthly or quarterly.
  • Advise and set out staff appraisal timelines and ensure that recommendations from appraisals are followed up and implemented to achieve desired goals.
  • Maintain and report employee statistical data, based on information from all AVEP-Kenya branches and provide regular feedback and updates to the management team to guide strategic decision-making.
  • Monitor employee concerns, complaints, and coordinate internal investigations and disciplinary meetings to resolve grievances.
  • Provide counseling to individual staff as and when they are faced with issues that affect their performances at work.
  • Remain informed, on an ongoing basis, about current and changing HR-related laws, policies and “best practices” to ensure that current and future Human Resources policies, and employment practices, follow established local laws in Kenya.

Implement AVEP objectives to ensure full accountability for results to citizens by utilizing mutual accountability mechanisms for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) by encouraging participation of women groups and youths